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This is what I hope to be the first of many new posts to the site. I hope you enjoy the artwork and I will do my best to update this as often as possible.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. 7-13-2013

    Hi, Sylvia,

    It’s so nice to hear from you and to see your lovely work on your website. I expect that you’ll receive many wonderful comments about your website. It’s easy to navigate and your art shows off very well.

    Warm wishes,

    • 7-13-2013

      Hello Sylvia,
      Thank you for sharing your work for all to enjoy!
      Your work is beautiful and the website is easy to navigate.

      • 7-16-2013

        Thank you, Donna — I appreciate your comment, xo, Sylvia

    • 7-16-2013

      Thanks, Anne. How is your art doing?

  2. 7-14-2013

    Sylvia, congratulations! I have always admired your art as being very expressive in a gentle way–mirroring your personality. This is a wonderful collection. Bravo!

    • 7-16-2013

      Thanks, Irina. You have always been so supportive of my art,
      love, Syl

  3. 7-15-2013

    Beautiful website, simple and elegant. Like you.

    • 7-16-2013

      Thank you, Ellen — what a lovely comment!
      love, Sylvia

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